Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to install Perl modules on AIX Server?

How to install Perl modules on AIX Server?

Download perl module from

Execute following commands to install module

gunzip –d package-module.tar.gz
tar xvf package-module.tar
cd package-module
perl Makefile.PL

If perl is installed on different location i.e.; /home/user/perl. Then follow below command

/home/user/perl/bin/perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install

Check installed perl module version

/home/user/perl/bin/perl –Mpackage::name –le ‘print $package::name::version’

For example, for EMail-Simple module

/home/user/perl/bin/perl -MEmail::Simple -le 'print $Email::Simple::VERSION'

How to install IBM Java 7?

If you want to run Java programs, then you should install JRE
If you want to develop Java programs, then you should install Java SDK (previously called as JDK). SDK also contains JRE

So, if someone ask you to install Java then install Java SDK

How to install Java 7 on AIX 7?

1st check what version of Java is compatible with AIX OS version

Refer :

oslevel            ### check AIX OS version

bootinfo -K     ### AIX OS architecture 32bit or 64bit

Lets say it's 64bit, so we want to install 64bit java version

We must be registered with IBM with some login name and password to download Java SDK software

Once downloaded perform following steps to install:

Download Java and save in /tmp/ directory

mkdir /tmp/java7_64

cp /tmp/Java7r1_64.sdk.tar.gz /tmp/java7_64

cd /tmp/java7_64

gunzip -d Java7r1_64.sdk.tar.gz

tar xvf Java7r1_64.sdk.tar

inutoc .

smitty installp

Select "Install Software"

INPUT device / directory for software [./]                ### Directory where java installer available
SOFTWARE to install [_all_latest]
PREVIEW only? (install operation will NOT occur) no
COMMIT software updates? yes
SAVE replaced files? no
AUTOMATICALLY install requisite software? yes
EXTEND file systems if space needed? yes
OVERWRITE same or newer versions? no
VERIFY install and check file sizes? no
Include corresponding LANGUAGE filesets? yes
DETAILED output? no
Process multiple volumes? yes
ACCEPT new license agreements? yes           ### Use Tab to change No to Yes

Press enter to install

That's it!!